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Why You Need More Social Media

More social media presence means more customers
Having more social fans drastically increases credibility
Improved search engine rankings result from more social media presence
Quicker consumer insight and feedback
Communicate with your audience much, much quicker


facebook-logoFacebook has not only proved itself to be worthy in the social media scene, but it is now one of, if not the most, recognized leaders. Running a business these days without a Facebook fan page is like running a business 10 years ago without a computer. Having a Facebook fan page is not an option anymore if a business wants to stay competitive and thrive. Not only will we build you an exquisite Facebook fan page for your business, but we will promote your fan page through an effective multitude of ways that will generate Facebook fans for you to connect with each and every day.


twitter-logoTwitter has become one of most powerful methods that businesses, consumers, professionals, and even celebrities use to promote their products and services. Businesses have “woken up” to the power of Twitter and are joining by the millions. Having a Twitter page is no longer an option, it has become an absolute necessity for a business to compete in today’s marketplace. We will build a Twitter page for your business and optimize it so effectively that you will begin to generate tons of followers and fans.


youtube-logoYouTube has evolved from a small niche video website to a global conglomerate that has allowed the world to broadcast itself. In todays marketplace, businesses have utilized the power of YouTube to display their services, products, and advertisements. Youtube has truly become the “TV of the web”. Millions of people go to YouTube daily to learn about new businesses, ideas, products, advice, and much more. We can you create a Youtube video demonstrating any feature of your business and we will optimize it so effectively; that many views and subscribers will flock to your YouTube page.


pinterest-logoPinterest is the new and upcoming dominator in the social media world. Pinterest combines aspects of Facebook and Twitter for anyone looking to share photos, ideas, products, or creative work for others to view. Pinterest can help a business leverage it’s products or services through an alternative medium that is becoming as popular as it is effective for businesses.

Press Releases

press-releasesThe wonderful world of Press Releases sounds exotic and out of reach to many business owners and professionals, but it has become a key component in showing the marketplace about your new business, new product, changes in your company, a new position for an employee, a new sale or promotion, and much more. With our Press Release strategy, we deliver your message with a “bang” and it is also inexpensive to allow you to reach your audience in a cost effective fashion.

Promotional Videos

pinterest-logoPromotional Videos are a key component to an overall social media strategy. This allows your audience to visualize your product or service and it is also is a very effective way to create buzz about your company. We will use our various social media strategies to optimize the video and get it in “the hands of the public”. Promotional Videos have become a new way and more effective way many companies are displaying their brand, image, and message. Check out the options of promotional videos to choose from by clicking here: Promotional Videos

Video Testimonials

pinterest-logoVideo Testimonials have become the new way businesses build credibility. When we were building Vanity Global Marketing and were in the process of creating on our service menu, we couldn’t help but notice how testimonials were such a powerful credibility indicator for a business or professional. Written testimonials are good but a VIDEO Testimonial takes it to a whole new level as it creates a visual and audible statement of faith in your company, that written words just don’t portray as effectively on their own. Its like the difference from a black and white TV to a color TV. We can create a Video Testimonial strategy for your business that is designed to maximize credibility and social buzz.
Check out the options of video testimonials to choose from by clicking here: Video Testimonials


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