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Your mobile presence is becoming more important everyday.
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Mobile Search Results Rank Differently
Your website needs unique optimization to rank higher on mobile search engines.
Mobile Search is on the Rise
More and more people rely on mobile phone rather than computers to search.
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Benefits of Mobile SEO

1. Higher search engine rankings means you will get more visitors.
Since almost all mobile phones are now GPS enabled, search engines will pick up your site targeted close to the customer. Every single day four times as many mobile phones are sold compared to personal computers. Surpass your competition with a mobile advantage.

2. Local Organic Search is More Valuable than You Think.

One of the main reasons behind the recent new look of AdWords was that it was getting pretty hard to measure the ROI of mobile search. For example, someone might:

• View or click on an ad, then later walk into a store and make an offline purchase.
• Call a business straight from the search position, instead of converting on a “thank-you” page, or even visiting your site in the first place.
• Start a purchase transaction on one device and complete it on another.

These same challenges exist in the SEO world, too. If you’re doing mobile SEO, you can’t track all the benefits you’re getting.

To fix this problem, AdWords has created some new tools designed to help track the ROI of mobile search, such as Offer Ad Extensions for connecting search marketing efforts with in-store purchases, call reporting allowing advertisers to find out who called, and a new phone call conversion format.

So, while it may be possible to analyze and segment organic mobile traffic in Google Analytics, you can’t track phone calls from organic search etc. Since it’s safe to say your organic search efforts are contributing in ways that aren’t easily measurable, don’t be deterred from pursuing a mobile SEO strategy by potentially lousy mobile statistics in your Google Analytics account – because it’s clearly missing and underestimating a lot of data.

3. Mobile Search Is Way More Valuable Than You Think!

When it comes to deciphering the value of mobile search, it’s not just a matter of trying to track difficult-to-measure conversions. Mobile searches convert to actions faster – “The time between search and action is much shorter on mobile vs. desktop.” I’d expect this to be also true of organic mobile clicks, too.

This is such an important finding that I think SEOs should be rethinking their process for prioritizing what keywords to target because mobile searches are often worth a lot more than desktop searches!

In addition, it’s worth pointing out that mobile-optimized ad formats do way better than regular ad listings – ads that employ a click-to-call ad extension and/or location extension enjoy an average 6-8% uplift in click-through-rate. I’d expect this to be the same for mobile optimized organic listings, and thus this just shows how critical it is to have your site show up properly in the organic search listings, in the map, and with one-click call and direction links.

Mobile Search is Taking Over

How fast is mobile search growing?
The number of Americans who are smartphone owners now stands at 46%, an 11-point increase since last May. Smartphone owners now outnumber the 41% of adults who own a cellphone that is not a smartphone.*

17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.*

Of the 15,000 iPhone® applications available through Apple’s App Store, about 15% are geared toward local search, according to The Kelsey Group.

* According to PewResearch 2012.

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