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Pay only when your site ranks at the top of Google, or pay monthly. Vanity Global Marketing provides turnkey online marketing solutions aimed at enhancing your online visibility, enabling you to tap the immense potential held by the rapidly expanding World Wide Web. Vanity Global Marketing, a name synonymous with persistent, excellence and competence, specializes in delivering extraordinary results at unbelievable, reasonable, and flexible pricing. 5 ingredients we use every time: Quality, Service, Value, Innovation, & Trust.

Flexible Pricing

Pay for Results

Pay only when you see results. Pay a small setup fee and then you will only pay when your desired keywords are ranked on Google. Below is a typical pay for results price structure keywords with average competition.

Google Rank

1 Time Cost

Top 100
Top 50
Top 20
Top 10
Top 5

Pay Monthly

Pay monthly and let us move your website up the ranks in Google. We recommend starting with 10-15 keywords targeted for your website. Below is a typical pricing structure for 1-15 keywords with medium competition.



5th and beyond
*Pay for performance packages require an initial setup fee of $75/keyword.
**Pricing changes based on the competitiveness of your keywords.

*Pay monthly packages require an initial setup fee of $75/keyword.
** Pricing changes for more than 15 keywords.

What Makes Us Different?
Pricing Strategies
Do you walk into a store, pay the cashier, and hope that the cashier gives you what you paid for? When you pay for something, you should expect something in return. Virtually all other SEO companies charge a monthly fee with no guarantee of results. What happened after 6 months when you’ve paid their monthly fee, but yet your keywords aren’t ranking? That’s why we offer a pay for performance structured pricing so that you only pay if we perform.
We believe that any business, small or large, new or old, should be able to utilize a search engine optimization pricing strategy that works for them. This is why we offer the typical pay per month package as well as the very rare pay for performance package. When you choose a pay for performance package, you only pay when you get results.
What is Search Engine Optimization?
Why You Need Search Engine Optimization
More commonly known as SEO, search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways of optimizing your website so that your website appears at the top of search engines when potential customers search for related keywords. With the use of effective SEO, websites receive a significant increase in web traffic. We use a strategy that not only considers how search engines operate, but also how and what users search for. Never before has there been such a powerful marketing tactic that can provide such a great ROI at such a reasonable price. At Vanity Global Marketing, we use state of the art of technology to deliver long-term sustainable SEO strategies.
Search engine optimization is designed to make your websites more relevant with search engines. For example. when a potential customer is looking for your type of business on google, Search Engine Marketing is designed to have your website come out higher on the search and ultimately ranked #1. Millions of people worldwide use search engines to find various businesses, clients, products and much more. Our service takes your website and optimizes it so more prospective customers/clients visit your websites, call your company, buy your products, and do business with you. Search Engine Marketing has become the most sought after and effective marketing program today. Let us know your objectives, and we take care of the rest, it’s that simple.
According to the Search Engine Journal…
Why You Need Search Engine Optimization
1) 70% of the links search users click on are organic.
2) 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
3) 81% Of Businesses Consider Their Website To Be One Of The Most Important Assets To Their Businesses.
4) Inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads. An example of an inbound lead might be from search engine optimization. An outbound lead might be from a cold call.
  • Millions of Customers and Clients Are Using Search Engines For Their Buying Decisions
  • Search Engine Optimization Is One Of The Lowest Cost/Most Effective Marketing Vehicles Available
  • Search Engine Marketing Has Become the #1 Way Potential Clients Look For Professionals and Businesses
  • SEO Is The #1 Ranked Marketing and Advertising Solution Available For The Cost
  • Customers Will Most Likely Never See Your Website If You Are Not On the Top Of Google Search Results

Do You Have a Local Business?

Google Places provides a platform to reach millions of Google users quickly. More people search for businesses online than anywhere else so it has become essential to make sure your local business listing is found on google and google maps. We create and manage the listing for you and then your business gains instant exposure to millions of clients and customers worldwide. As our CEO has said, “Doing business in todays marketplace is amazing, in an instant you can have access to millions of potential clients and customers without building a new office or store, spending tons of money on advertising, hiring more staff, or getting more loans from the bank. All you need to do is market your company in the new economy…the Google economy.


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