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Unhappy customers speak their minds. Happy customers remain quiet. Vanity Global Marketing produces the change required to reduce negativity and increase positivity in your business’ online reputation.
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Here at Vanity Global Marketing, we acknowledge the potential impact that any negative reviews about your company or business may have. Your Competitors use the Internet all the time to hurt your business by creating negative reviews or you may have unhappy clients and customers who want the world to know why they should not deal with your company. Our Online Reputation Management services reduce and/or eliminate the damage a negative review causes. Businesses understand that a good reputation is crucial for success. Our team of experts are veterans and have successfully helped multiple businesses in regaining or building their reputations.

“It take 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”
- Warren Buffett

How Does it Work?

Step 1- We start with an overall assessment of your online reputation profile
Step 2- We create a ranking of your lowest to highest rated reviews
Step 3- We prioritize your weakest reviews by review site; e.g. Yelp, Google Business, etc.
Step 4- Finally, we go to work through our proven step-by-step process of reducing negative reviews by contacting negative review writers and contacting review sites to dispute negative reviews, and then we aim to boost your positive reviews through a handful of methods including positive public relations campaigns, blog writing, other in-person methods used directly by your customers, and of course we use our expertise and know-how to put all this together.
Step 5- If your business needs additional assistance with its staff training or hiring, we have a certified Organizational Psychologist on our team ready to help in every way possible.

In addition, we will review all your current negative reviews to see if they go against the respective review website’s Content Guidelines and Terms of Service and will contact the review companies on your behalf. Our experienced staff know every single review site Guideline and know how to prepare letters to send to these websites to achieve a positive outcome.

We also can try to resolve issues by acting as a mediator between your company and the authors of bad reviews. If any defamatory false reviews are posted, we can send them a cease & desist letter on your behalf directly or using our attorneys. Although not recommended due to the high cost, we can introduce you to our business defamation attorneys for further advice and filing lawsuits. Even if the reviewer’s identity is not known, a lawsuit can still be filed and then records of the review site subpoenaed to try to track down the reviewer. Many times in cases of fake reviews, you may get a “no show” of the defendant and you may get a default judgment and a removal order, which you can then send to the review site to get the review removed.

We will also consult with your company to provide you plans and recommendations that can improve your online ratings over time.

Typical results:

-Reduced number of negative reviews!
-Increased number of positive reviews!
-More leads and happier customers for your business!
- Improved online reputation!

Look At the Figures:

According to a recent Nielsen survey commissioned by, 4 out of 5 users visit Yelp prior to ever spending money, and 93% say that visiting Yelp leads to a local purchase.

This Nielsen survey additionally discovered that restaurants were the most common businesses searched for on, followed by beauty and spa, food, nightlife, home and local services, professional services, shopping and pets. Other businesses commonly searched on Yelp included hotels and travel, auto, arts and entertainment, health and medical, real estate and financial services.

When questioned which site web users are most likely to go to first if not Yelp, 84 percent said they search Google, followed by Yahoo and Facebook.

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