Top Website Design Trends In 2013

Website trends keep evolving with the passage of time and the website design agencies follow them rigorously for building best websites. Following are top design trends that remained in vogue during the year 2013:

Mobile First Design

Mobile first design is initializing the design process with mobile website design and then applying modifications for PC or tablets. There are certain advantages of mobile first designs as it helps the website to reach millions of people due to excessive mobile browsing. Mobile website designs require more focus on functionality as well as core content.

Html5 And Javascript

Flash is replaced with HTML 5, CSS 3, Canvas, Java-script etc. By using HTML 5, designers can easily implement dynamic websites without the use of flash.

Unlimited Scrolling

It is the technique that is beginning to spread rapidly across the web and is visible on social media websites including twitter, facebook etc. Also called as endless pages, infinite scrolling is an interactive technique that gets content from different other pages and add it to the page used by the visitor. It is a great method for retaining website visitors as the visitors have to only scroll through instead of navigating the complete website.


Minimalist websites are those websites that use simplified two or three column layouts that have text, easy navigation options and the remaining is all white space. The white space helps the users to concentrate on main information present in the website instead of focusing on the website design.

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