Managing your SEO Campaigns with Press Releases

Press releases are commonly used in managing public relations campaigns and if well written they are very effective in calling attention to a company and its products or services. This application can be extended to the web and thus press releases can be used to increase your company’s and products’ online visibility. Here are a few tips on how you can go about it to achieve excellent results.

When writing your press release, your aim is to catch the attention of news editors who would then go ahead and publish your release on TV or on their newspapers. And for you to get the free publicity, your press release has to prove to be newsworthy. It has to be professionally written on your company’s letterhead that has a logo on it and complete contact information of the person in charge of media relations. The headline of your press release should be catchy and relevant and the body of your press release should be descriptive enough ensuring that all details about the subject are included so that the reader is left with no questions unanswered.

There are many websites out there that publish press releases; some charge a small fee for publication while others are completely free. It is therefore easier to get your press release published on the web than it is on the mainstream media. You need to make your online press releases outstanding as they will be competing for attention with many others and to do this you might need to hire a professional firm to help you come up with one. It is easy to find professional help online and you will note that this California internet marketing company offers different custom packages for custom press releases at a reasonable fee.

Once you’ve had your press release done by a professional, you can then work with a good SEO company to advise you on where to post your press release. This Irvine SEO services company can help you come up with a custom press release for your company and products and also post the press release for you to relevant press release websites for amazing results.

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