Making the Most of your Facebook Fan Page

So you already have a Facebook fan page, and you have a good number of ‘likes’, but you still feel you are not getting much out of it. Nobody seems to be commenting on your posts and your content is not getting a good number of likes as you would hope for. Well, here are a few tips that can help you engage better with your audience and get them to respond to you.

First, how frequently you post status updates and content on your fan page is very important, one post per day is not enough! Assuming you only post one update in the morning, chances that the fans who visit Facebook in the evening will not see it are very high because so many other people will have posted their content during the day and one may not be patient enough to scroll all the way to the bottom. So two to five posts per day are good, and make sure you post them at different times of day to maximize the views.

It is important to ensure that you post daily so that your fans can know that your page is active. In case a fan posts on your wall, it is imperative that you comment on other peoples posts on your wall as soon as you see them and in case a post is inappropriate, you need to remove it immediately. This means that you need to keep checking your notifications throughout the day. Your fans need to know that there is always someone available just in case they need to communicate with you via your Facebook page.

Lastly when posting on your wall, try to keep your posts interesting, use images in posts as they are more likely to be noticed. Ask short, easy to answer questions just to keep your Facebook fans engaged and should you find something interesting from other people’s walls or from the web, feel free to share. Your fans are definitely looking for interesting stuff when they come to Facebook and this is a sure way of getting more

If you follow these tips, you will surely get a better response from your fans.

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