How Does Pinterest Compare With Facebook?

Although Pinterest is a relatively new social media site that has been in existence for barely two years now, every serious internet marketing company must have taken note of it by now. According to Forbes, Pinterest is now among the top 50 most viewed websites in the US today with over 25 million unique visitors per month. On the other hand Facebook which has been in existence for more than seven years commands over 150 million unique views per month. So how does Pinterest compare with Facebook in other aspects?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking website that allows users to collect, organize, save and share photos of their favorite events, hobbies, interests, products and the like. Pinterest gives users space (boards) where they can post (pin) photos and other media that can be seen by their friends within the network or even those outside their network who are searching through the posted items. Pinterest allows people to share or save items posted by others and users can browse a live feed of items being pinned by strangers. This way a photo can go viral in a very short time. While Facebook allows you to tell your story in all manner of ways via stuff like text, links, videos, and photos, Pinterest is more popular with photo sharing.

So far Pinterest has proved to be a better platform for social media E-commerce and has higher revenue per click compared to Facebook and is therefore becoming increasingly used by those who would like to make some money via social media networks. There are companies that are helping businesses learn how make how to maximize their presence in social networks; with an example of such an internet marketing company being this California SEO company that promises to help businesses get Pinterest followers, get Twitter followers and get Facebook Likes at a reasonable fee.

As a final note, having a Pinterest account and a Facebook fan page will always help improve your product visibility on the World Wide Web.

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