Difference Between Mobile Website And Mobile App?

Mobile presence has great significance in today’s online market place. There are certain differences between mobile apps and websites that must be analyzed carefully to reach the business goals effectively.

mobile website consists of HTML pages linked together and can be accessed through mobile internet including 3G or WiFi networks. The major feature that distinguishes a standard website from a mobile website is that the later is designed for small handheld display as well as touch screen interface. Like any other website, mobile based websites can display images, data, content and videos. These websites have the ability to access specific mobile features including click to call and location based mapping.

Mobile Apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Users find and download applications from various app stores including Android market, Apple App store etc. The application can pull data and content from the internet, like any standard website or it can download content to make it accessible without internet connection.

One can say that best mobile websites target large audience to make content easily accessible while the application fulfills the specific goals without the necessity of an internet connection.

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