Basics Of Mobile Website Design

Following are certain basics of mobile web design that must be taken in to account by the design and development teams:

Proper Screen Resolution:

The first and most significant aspect is screen resolution. While designing the mobile websites, the designer must create a proper design that is perfectly suitable for majority of mobile phones. In mobile website design, there is huge variation in the size and shape of screen as compared to the traditional websites.

Quick Navigation:

Easy navigation remains the key for mobile website design. A mobile user certainly wants easy scroll through options and the website developer must consider it during the design phase.

Meaningful Brief Information:

Meaningful content and information is the major difference between a traditional vs. a mobile website. The mobile user only wants brief important content and gets annoyed with unwanted advertisements as well as pop ups.

Simple Structures:

Users like easily accessible information instead of complicated structures. Thus the designer must design very simple and interactive design to draw more user engagement.

Small Divisions:

Dividing a website in small portions with easily accessible links can build more website traffic. Instead of filling a web page with extra information, break it down in small portions so that the users can access the required information in a very easy way.

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